Tuesday, July 17, 2012


"Come and have breakfast"  - Jesus (as recorded in John 21:12a)

"Wasting time with a choice friend or two on a regular basis might be the best investment of time you ever make" 
- Carl Trueman

I love the television series "Friday Night Lights". As a man who is highly involved in the lives of high schoolers, I have yet to find a television show that more accurately depicts both high school drama, and life in a small town. Football is an idol for the town of Dillon, and every friday worshipers flock to the Cathedral known as Herrman Field to pin their hopes (and salvation) on a group of boys who are loved if they do well, and hated in they perform poorly. While it accurately depicts small town life, I'd venture to say that it is a good barometer of life in general. If you take the time to watch the show ( and I highly recommend you do) you will instantly fall in love with Tim Riggins. As my friend Bradford said once " He's the beautiful but doomed character, a real James Dean kinda guy". Recently I was watching an episode where everything in Tim's life was falling apart. He had slept with his recently crippled best friends girlfriend. He then was punched in the face by said best friend, slapped again by his current girlfriend, ditched by Lyla, (the crippled guys girlfriend) and his truck is vandalized by the Offensive Linemen on the team. He has no parents, no friends, and no one who believes in him. He goes home to his brother Billy ( another down and out kinda guy) and they begin to argue over Tim wasting his life, and a fight breaks out, a vicious one, in which words were said and actions took place that brought tears to my eyes. You can't help but love Tim, yet as his coach says " He always gets in his own way". And as I sat there with tears in my eyes, I was reminded of the gospel of Grace.............

    It was Jesus who came to the down and out.  It is easy to flee what we know to be true of us, those things that God says are true about us. When the gospel is abandoned we spend a lot of time believing what the Devil, our Flesh and others say about us. My buddy D-Lo once said " if people tell you you are a horse long enough you begin to go shopping for saddles". The beautiful hope is that it doesn't stop there. Oh no! We have a Jesus who pursues our wandering hearts, even to, and through, death. 

 After Tim and Billy have the fight, some time passes and Tim comes home. No words are exchanged, the two simply sit at a kitchen island. Billy picks up a butter knife and cuts his sandwich in half. Such a beautiful scene as Tim reaches over, picks up the other half, and eats it.

 After Jesus raised himself up from the dead, He went looking for his friends. He clearly knew where they were. They had gone back to what they knew.....fishing. But Christ wouldn't settle for that. He was looking for Peter, because Peter needed forgiveness. In the account in John 21, when Christ orchestrates this miraculous catch of fish, and John says " It is the Lord", Peter pulls the same move Forrest Gump does when he sees Lt. Dan. He jumps out of the boat and swims to shore. They all come in to find breakfast laid out for them. They eat a meal. How important it is for believers to be in the homes of one another. Our feet need to be found continually under one another's tables,  For when good friends eat together we not only sink our teeth into sandwiches, we feast on the Son of God, the source of true fellowship. Call a friend, forgive one another, pick up the butter knife and split the sandwich.  Finally brothers, rejoice, Aim for restoration, comfort one another, agree with one another, live in peace, and the God of love and peace will be with you. - 2 Cor. 13:11

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  1. I thoroughly enjoy the pictures you paint, even if your material is borrowed.